The need for a comfortable lifestyle and a modern residential space which offers more than “just a home” is growing more and more. This can be seen from the fact that during the last few years, luxurious residential complexes, primarily condominiums, have recorded a significant increase in demand in Belgrade.

The condominium, as a modern concept of living, was brought to Belgrade by a renowned investor Shikun&Binui Europe. Modernization and sophistication of construction, professionalism, security, aesthetics and quality are only some of the reasons why numerous families have entrusted one of the biggest life decisions to this investor specifically.

The concept of the condominium offers, in one place, everything necessary for a care-free, peaceful and quality life far from the usual urban noise, while still being close to all important events and activities – a 24/7 reception with professional security, video surveillance, professional maintenance, card access, underground garage and a private park for walks and relaxation, with a children’s playground, open-air gym and a pet corner also included. 

The first project of this kind was Central Garden, located in the heart of the old part of the city. Its success was confirmed by the fact that two more condominiums were built afterwards – Duke’s Gates in Voždovac area and Wellport in New Belgrade. Today, those three condominiums in three different locations in Belgrade have over 1,400 apartments, which numerous families have found their happiness and future in. It turns out that investing into this type of real estate is one of the most profitable long-term investments. From the moment of purchase of an apartment, for example in Central Garden, till today, in just a few years, the value of the property had increased significantly. In this type of complex, you get exactly what you want – a safe, quality home and a care-free living space for new memories, while at the same time achieving a profitable and wise investment, with an apartment value increasing, opening up numerous opportunities for the owners.

Satisfied with the success of the condominium in our market, the investor wanted, in cooperation with a famous director Igor Kušić, to turn its vision into a short film. Over just a few minutes the film takes you  through the life in condominiums, you can experience what the first morning coffee feels like on a sunbathed balcony in a supreme oasis of peace, how this modern concept of housing adapts to the needs of the fast-paced everyday life of business people, what care-free and joyous growing up looks like in a place that offers higher quality of life for all generations. 

A world renowned investor SHIKUN&BINUI Europe has introduced numerous innovations on the Serbian real estate market, and developed high-quality, modern and unique projects in the architectural sense. The condominium as a concept was introduced in the USA many years ago, and we have brought the concept here. It is exceptionally well accepted, evidenced by the fact that all the apartments in the first condominium, Central Garden, were sold long before they were completed. We are planning another project in New Belgrade soon, and once it is completed, we will have nearly 2,000 apartments built in Belgrade in the past several years,” stated Gili Dekel, Partner Manager SHIKUN & BINUI Europe.

The exclusive sales representative for Shikun & Binui Europe condominiums is the leading real estate consultancy in Serbia – CBS International, part of Cushman & Wakefield Group.


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