When we live in a place where we feel safe, that place becomes a home. The Wellport concept of condominium follows the trends of the highest safety standards, which include unique features such as: smart house ready apartments, with easy implementation of the desirable remote functions, unique way of controlling home appliances and overview of the whole space, even when you’re not in there, 24h reception every day of the week, professional maintenance, video surveillance, card access, underground garage and private park. All the things that make Wellport residential complex a safe port - for you, your family and friends.

"Wherever you go, there’s no place like your own private garden"

Inspired by the definition of innovation that implies a change for the better, but also by the luxury that life in the house with a yard entails, we designed idyllic apartments on the ground floor that will give you a pleasure you deserve. Welcome your friends in your garden, watch your youngest ones feeling happy about their carefree childhood fulfilled with play and indulge yourself with the moments of pleasure provided by your private oasis of peace. And just as every port has a view of the shore, so your private yards bring the hedonism you’ve dreamed of.

"Life is a game"

Your private park is a place for fun and relaxation where an open-air gym, pet corner are waiting for you. The elderly tenants can enjoy chess, while the youngest will make their first memories on the playground designed according to their needs.

"I'm waiting for you at our place"

Your port is the place where you feel comfortable at any time of a day, but it offers practical content as well. Make a break and take a walk along your new district to your favorite café, say hello to neighbors on your way to the nearest store and take the feeling of home with you wherever you go.

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