Santa Claus has Arrived with a Bag Full of… Joy!

The port of good life had the pleasure of welcoming Santa Claus himself to its premises. The youngest residents of the very first New Belgrade condominium complex received plenty of candy and confections wrapped in wishes for a better 2021 thanks to the investor – the Israeli company “Shikun & Binui Group”.

wellport nova godina

Laughter and joy have been an integral part of Wellport from the beginning. However, the kids are particularly giddy with excitement now because of the gifts they received. Lengthy chitchats with Santa had to be avoided due to coronavirus prevention measures, but this did not spoil the holiday cheer.

Smiling kids and good neighbourly relations contribute to making this very first condominium in New Belgrade an even lovelier and more comfortable place to live.

Whilst hoping for a new year that will be carefree and allow for more casual Santa Claus receptions with hugs, dancing, singing and group photos, Wellport residents, particularly the youngsters, continue to enjoy their safe port and the many amenities it has to offer.

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