One Bedroom - 1.16

Basic information:


One Bedroom


49.71 sqm


I - VIII Floor
Details Technical equipment of the apartment.

Basic information:

The apartments feature exceptional functionality, spacious living rooms and separate sleeping blocks, a sense of privacy and comfort, great lightness and top quality finishing touches.

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The structure of the apartment:


1 Entrance 3.56 sqm
2 Living room with dining area 20.76 sqm
3 Kitchen 5.28 sqm
4 Bathroom 4.27 sqm
5 Bedroom 11.05 sqm
6 Hallway 1.51 sqm
Net apartment without balcony 46.43 sqm
T1 Balcony 3.28 sqm
Total 49.71 sqm

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3D Image view:


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