Two Bedrooms - 1.08

Basic information:


Two Bedrooms


100.08 sqm


Ground Floor
Details Technical equipment of the apartment.

Basic information:

The apartments feature exceptional functionality, spacious living rooms and separate sleeping blocks, a sense of privacy and comfort, great lightness and top quality finishing touches.

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The structure of the apartment:


1 Entrance 4.70 sqm
2 Living room with dining area 21.84 sqm
3 Kitchen 5.72 sqm
4.1 Toilet 2.42 sqm
4.2 Bathroom 7.00 sqm
5.1 Bedroom 13.16 sqm
5.2 Bedroom 9.44 sqm
6 Hallway 5.06 sqm
Net apartment without balcony and garden 69.34 sqm
T1 Balcony 22.58 sqm
Net apartment with balcony 91.92 sqm
B1 Garden 8.16 sqm
Total 100.08 sqm

3D Image view:


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